Invitation to participate in BCF/DMU third-sector employment support survey

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Following our event earlier this year, Black Country Futures have partnered with Professor Jonathan Payne, Dr Peter Butler and Dr Jonathan Rose of De Montfort University (DMU) to undertake research exploring how third-sector employment and skills support is being affected by, and is responding to, changes in the funding environment. This is a piece of research which we are hoping will benefit the whole sector here in the Black Country giving access to key information which will help funders, commissioners and decision makers understand the scale and scope of the support being provided by third sector organisations.

We strongly encourage you to take part, and the more organisations who get involved , the better the data will be, and will be truly representative and reflective of the huge role we play as a sector in positive progression, social mobility and employment and skills outcomes.  The survey is fully anonymous and takes around 20 minutes. While we understand this is a busy time of year, your views are really important to us and will be used to inform key stakeholders and policymakers about the role the third-sector plays and the opportunities and challenges ahead. The survey is open until 12 January, 2024 19:12 GMT.  The survey results will be published here and can be emailed to you by request.

To access the survey, please click here or paste the following link in to your web browser :

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